Most of Germany’s Bundesliga clubs have taken up home-training sessions to keep their squads in the best possible shape.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, team training has mostly been suspended for all of the 18 top-tier sides.

Clubs advised players to stay home. Travelling has been banned as well as larger gatherings and parties.

Eintracht Frankfurt prepared care-packages for breakfast and other daily meals to keep their players at home in the morning and reduce social contact.

Bayern Munich have set up “cyber training” sessions where players work out together online by following exercises streamed from the club’s headquarters.

“We all have to try to deal with the situation in a positive way,” Bayern coach Hansi Flick told the club’s website. “Yesterday (Wednesday) at 11am, we had our first ‘cyber training’, where the team were coached remotely. Everyone was motivated, everyone did very well.”

Flick directs the sessions, which players can follow via their tablets.

He said the coaching staff have drawn up programmes that last between 75 and 90 minutes, with the focus ranging from basic endurance to high intensity interval training, as well as strength training.

The champions have also equipped their players with a bicycle ergometer for spinning training.

“Using the (smartwatches), we can adjust training loads for every individual player,” said Bayern’s fitness coach, Holger Broich.

To keep up spirits, Bayern defender Jerome Boateng has started a trend by doing kick-ups with a toilet roll – an item that has become a symbol of the pandemic in many countries, thanks to shortages caused by stockpiling.

In a video on Instagram, the German manages an impressive 20 kicks before the makeshift football finally tumbles to the floor.

The return to regular pitch training and competition is not expected before May.

– Xinhua, AFP