Samuel Kwesi Fabin, the Ghanaian coach of Uganda’s Cub has called on CAF to consider the expansion of the U17 tournament to 16 teams. This according to him, will make the competition more competitive.

In the current format, a team that wins two consecutive group matches is almost assured of a World Cup ticket.

“I think there tournament needs more innovations. I would recommend an increase to 16 teams from the current eight. These boys need to play more competitive games”, he told CAFonline.

He however picked some positives from the competition even though his debuting Uganda side did not advance beyond the group stage.

“It helps a lot in grooming new talents every time. The introduction of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was a perfect idea, now youngsters of the same age play together.

“It gives these young players a platform to showcase their talents and compete at the top level with their compatriots from other countries. The idea of zonal qualifiers is very good also.”