FIFA Corruption Probe Gulps Millions

FIFA Corruption Probe Gulps Millions

Fighting corruption may have proven to be a very expensive venture. World football governing body during the week completed its in-house cleansing exercise by submitting to Swiss authorities, cartons of documents reviewed.

The investigations followed a raid into the offices in May 2015 by security operatives leading to chains of events, arrests and eventual stepping down of former president, Sepp Blatter.

According to information from Daily Mail of UK, FIFA are understood to have run up legal fees of around £80million during the in-house investigations into football corruption and fraud.

The probe was carried out by expensive American lawyers Quinn Emanuel and Swiss counterparts NKF. They announced their reports were completed on Friday.

They have been handed over to the Swiss attorney general’s office and also made available to the US Justice Department, with the contents kept secret because of two ongoing criminal investigations into FIFA.


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