Nigeria Moves Three Steps in FIFA Ranking

Nigeria Moves Three Steps in FIFA Ranking



Nigeria will move three steps up the ladder on Thursday when the monthly FIFA Ranking is released.

The town crier at the Sports Village Square has gathered that the Super Eagles will rise from the current 41st position to 38th in the world.

In Africa, Nigeria will move from seventh position to fifth. The shift is occasioned by the 1-1 draw the Super Eagles had with Senegal which will remain the second ranked African side behind Egypt.

Nigeria will overtake Tunisia and DR Congo which are currently 37th and 38th respectively in the world but will drop to 39th and 40th.

While Nigeria with cumulative points of 726 will rise, the reverse is the case for Argentina which currently stands atop the table but will drop to the second place behind Brazil.

No thanks to the 0-2 loss to Bolivia in last week’s World Cup qualifying duel. But the most significant drop will be that of Netherlands which will crash from 21st position to 31st.

If the fixture of Nigeria and Burkina Faso had held, it would have had impact on the ranking. The second friendly match between Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire is disregarded because the match was not concluded.


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  1. Samuel Olufemi

    Forward movement, backward not for now. Up Super Eagles

  2. Victor Mavan

    This is nice.


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