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Moroccan monarch, King Mohammed VI wants greater attention to climate change



King Mohammed VI of Morocco has decried the lukewarm attitude of world leaders to the issue of climate change. That was the bedrock of his speech delivered on his behalf by Princess Lalla Hasnaa


In the address to the World Climate Action Summit at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai, King Mohammed VI. He called for speedy actions to address the escalating challenges of climate change.

The Monarch remarked: “There is a gap between “small steps” on the one hand, and the looming climate challenges that need to be addressed immediately, on the other.

Princess Lalla Hasnaa represents King Mohammed VI at COP 28 summit in Dubai.


“Just as we need to believe in climate action, we also have to be convinced that between those who resign themselves to “small steps” and those who believe wholeheartedly in “big breaks” – driven by ideology and dogma – there is a course of action between the two one that is rooted in pragmatism, of course, but also characterized by voluntarism, ambition and vision.


“That is the plan we must embrace, if our goal is still to live up to the commitments made at COP 21 in Paris, in 2015, and COP 22 in Marrakesh, in 2016




“The conclusions of the First Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement attest to a universal momentum around the climate issue,” he said.


“Nevertheless, adaptation efforts remain fragmented, incremental and unevenly distributed across regions, particularly those most vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change.”


He highlighted the limitations of incremental measures, arguing that “half-measures cannot be bold measures. Similarly, a partial vision only exacerbates risks, adds to the damage and increases material, natural and human losses.”



He proposed an immediate shift away from the “small steps” approach, calling for the adoption of a bolder Pact for Action, stating: “Thanks to this Pact for Action, humanity can show – through deeds – that the most ambitious goals are not necessarily the least attainable ones.”


King Mohammed VI also renewed Morocco’s commitment to concrete climate initiatives. “Our ambition manifests itself in concrete, precise sectoral actions,” he said. “It is expressed through detailed, verifiable Action Plans for adaptation, mitigation and decarbonization.”



He emphasized Morocco’s vision of regional integration through renewable energy, green hydrogen development, and the upcoming football World Cup.


The Moroccan monarch went on to address the inequitable distribution of climate financing, highlighting Africa’s ecological plight as the continent suffers disproportionately from climate change.


“In a global system that remains inequitable, Africa received USD 30 billion in annual climate financing flows in 2020, representing less than 12% of its needs,” the King noted.



Urging reform in multilateralism and development financing, King Mohammed VI asserted Morocco’s commitment to supporting African climate initiatives.


He notably advocated for middle-income countries, saying: “For these countries – including my own, the Kingdom of Morocco – I call for specific, more sustained attention on the part of the international community.”



On the political front, the King warned against conflicting interests with populist overtones.


“Conflicting interests – with, at times, populist overtones – which favor short-term results are eroding credible multilateral action and jeopardizing the future of upcoming generations.”


The monarch concluded his remarks by reiterating Morocco’s commitment to proactive climate action, pledging to remain at the forefront of both advocacy and tangible solutions.














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