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Morocco launches investigation into leisure sea trip that ends in murdering




The strained relationship between Algeria and Morocco appears set for further deepening following an alleged killing of a French-Moroccan citizen by Algerian coast guard.

Already, a judicial investigation of the incident which happened last Tuesday, has been set up.

The incident happened  when the group of five on a recreational trip, all riding jet skis, ventured out onto the open sea, lost their way.

The judicial investigation was been launched in the Moroccan city of Oujda following allegations of a violent encounter during a leisurely sea outing.

The Oujda prosecutor’s office initiated a judicial investigation into the incident after receiving a complaint from a victim, alongside four other young individuals, of a violent encounter during a leisurely outing on the water.


According to a judicial source, the investigation was launched on August 29 and is currently ongoing, Morocco state media reported on Friday.

The incident unfolded when the group of five individuals, all riding jet skis, ventured out onto the open sea, only to lose their way during what was supposed to be a recreational trip. The details surrounding the alleged violence remain shrouded in mystery, leaving authorities eager to piece together the facts of the case.

To shed light on the incident, the Oujda prosecutor’s office has issued directives to the Royal Gendarmerie in Oujda to launch a comprehensive inquiry. Their objective is to gather essential information regarding the circumstances leading up to and during the incident, seeking to establish the events that transpired at sea.

In addition to their investigative efforts, the authorities have also taken the step of interviewing individuals within the families and close circles of the group of young people involved in the incident. These interviews aim to provide further insights into the events and circumstances that may have contributed to the incident at sea.

The Oujda prosecutor’s office, while confirming the initiation of the judicial investigation, has refrained from disclosing any specific details regarding the nature of the violence or the identities of the individuals involved. This discretion is consistent with legal procedures and the ongoing nature of the investigation.


The authorities remain committed to a thorough and impartial investigation, ensuring that justice is served for all parties involved.


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