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King Mohammed VI welcomes Israel’s opening of consulate in Morocco



Morocco’s monarch, King Mohammed VI has heartily welcome the State of Israel’s opening of a consulate in  Moroccan southern city of Dakhala.

This is a fall-out of Israel’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

In a message from the royal office, made available to the media, King Mohammed VI expressed heartfelt appreciation to Israel.

The monarch made the  remarks in a message addressed to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

“Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to express to you my heartfelt thanks and my great appreciation for your letter, in which you informed me of the decision of the State of Israel to recognize the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco on its Sahara”, King Mohammed VI wrote in his message to the Israeli PM.


Recalling the importance of the Sahara dossier for Morocco, the monarch stressed that this national cause is the priority of the kingdom’s foreign policy.

The monarch also stressed the strong attachment between Moroccans and their land, emphasizing that the “effective jurisdiction of the Moroccan state and the links of allegiance that have always existed” are proven and indisputable.

The monarch also called Israel’s announcement as far-sighted, recalling diplomatic gains marked by the unwavering support from many countries for Morocco’s territorial integrity and its autonomy  initiative as the serious and credible solution to end conflict over the Sahara dispute.

The monarch also expressed satisfaction with the development of bilateral ties between the two countries which re-established diplomatic relations in December 2020.

“The momentum they are experiencing is unprecedented, both in terms of exchanges of visits by officials and businessmen and in terms of development of the conventional framework,” King Mohammed VI said.


Israel’s decision is also “likely to further strengthen the ties between Morocco and Israel,” he added.

King Mohammed VI also renewed his invitation to Netanyahu, stressing that his visit on dates at the King’s best mutual convenience should be defined through diplomatic channels.

The meeting will “make it possible to open up new possibilities for bilateral relations between Morocco and Israel” as well as to open rooms for promoting prospects of peace for all peoples of the region.

The King also recalled Morocco’s determination to contribute to finding a mutually acceptable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as discussed in the Tripartite Declaration signed between Morocco, the US, and Israel  in December 2022.



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