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Amazing! Ronaldo sold a Porsche Carrera at half price just to get a lady’s phone number



Cristiano Ronaldo sold his Porsche Carrera for half price to get Kimberly Wyatt's phone number BRAND, Instagram (@kimberlywyatt)

Cristiano Ronaldo sold his Porsche Carrera for half price to get the phone number of the singer Kimberly Wyatt, one of the members of the Pussycat Dolls.

According to a Spanish publication, Marca, Ronaldo was watching the musical group, Pussycat Dolls on television when got infatuated and asked a former Manchester United masseur, Rod Thornley to help get Komberly Wyatt’s phone number.

It happened in 2009 when the young Cristiano was in his last season at Manchester United before signing for Real Madrid.

Hear Thornley’s story: “We are in March or April and Cristiano Ronaldo is going to go to Real Madrid. We all know that he is going at the end of the season.

“So he tells me while he is watching X Factor: “Who is this girl?” It was Kimberly Wyatt from Pussycat Dolls.


“He says, “Can you give me her number?” 

Continuing, Thornley said: “What do I take from this? I’m getting girls’ numbers from everywhere and I’m getting nothing. And then Cristiano Ronaldo said to me: “Do you like my car?” He had a Porsche Carrera convertible”.

“When I go to Real Madrid, I’ll sell it to you at half price,”  Ronaldo told Thornley.

“It took me about ten minutes to get Kimberly Wyatt’s number ,” the masseuse admitted.

So, Cristiano Ronaldo sold his Porsche Carrera valued at about 70,000 euros for half the price … in exchange for trying to meet a famous woman.


“Indeed, the end of the season comes and I say to Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘Do you remember our deal?’

“I gave him 34,000 euros for a car of almost 70,000… The next day I sold it for 70,000 euros!

“I literally had it only one night. I went to his house, picked it up, made the transfer and sold it.

“That summer I had a great vacation in the Maldives, “revealed the masseur… who did not say if Cristiano Ronaldo was finally able to meet Kimberly Wyatt or not


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