It is Sene-Gambia final match!

 They may as well be a single country as Gambia is enclosed almost entirely by Senegal except for the western part, which dots into the Atlantic Ocean.

Both Senegal and Gambia will meet in the Saturday’s final match of the Africa Cup of Nations for the Under 20.

Senegal beat Tunisia 3-0 in the first semi-final while The Gambia edged Nigeria out by 1-0 in the other semi-final match.

Both have denominator – They have not conceded any goal in the tournament and are also at the top in goal scoring. Senegal have scored 12 goals so far while The Gambia have 10.

Both initially moved towards a union to form SeneGambia confederation on 1 February 1982 following an agreement between the two countries signed on 12 December 1981.

It was intended to promote cooperation between the two countries, but was dissolved by Senegal on 30 September 1989 after the Gambia refused to move closer toward union.

Now they are united in fate as they contest for the U-20 Africa Cup of Nations.

If Senegal win, they will confirm themselves as the dominant football nation in the continent as the U-20 will be the fourth title they will be holding concurrently with three others.

Senegal are the current holders of the Africa Cup of Nations, the African Beach Soccer title as well as the African Nations Championship (CHAN) when they won in Algeria last month.
Seven-time champions Nigeria will play for the bronze medals against Tunisia on Friday.

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