Christian Emeruwa unfolds plans for ‘born-again’ NFF

Christian Emeruwa unfolds plans for ‘born-again’ NFF
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Dr. Christian Emeruwa


On 30 September, it will be exactly eight years since the incumbent president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Amaju Pinnick assumed office on ‘home soil’ in Warri, Delta State.

The regime remains the longest tenure ever since the formation of the football governing body 89 years ago.

On the milestone 30 September date, a new regime is expected to begin as election is scheduled for Benin in Edo State.

As the clock ticks  down to the date,  one of the multitude of aspirant, Dr. Christian Emeruwa has unfolded his programmes.

This is contained in a 17-slide power point document sent to the Sports Village Square. At the moment, Emeruwa, a  doctorate degree holder in  Administration and Organization of Sports.  is the head of Safety and Security Department of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

He is the first Nigerian working for an international federation seeking for the key position of the NFF.Before his adventure at CAF, he had worked in the Nigerian Football Federation for 11 years and served under three general secretaries – Dr. Bolaji Ojo-Oba, Musa Ahmadu and the incumbent, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi.

His message to the electorate at the NFF election and titled “A Road Map for Nigerian Football” runs thus:

“Dear All,

I am delighted to share with you today my strategic plan for the NFF. It is the product of my lifelong experience in football with the Nigerian Football Federation, the Confederation of African Football, and FIFA. If I am elected, this is what I will be implementing for the development of our football.

“This is the way forward: it is ambitious and will require my careful, daily attention but the improvement of Nigerian football is well worth the work ahead.

“It will start with our grassroots, the creation of new academies, and the domestic leagues in Nigeria – the strong foundations upon which we can grow a new generation of talent, boys and girls.

“Through partnerships with the public and private sectors, we will make sure to develop our infrastructure so that

more Nigerians can enjoy the beauty of the game.

“With better facilities and better players we will improve the levels of our competitions and attract new sponsors dedicated to sharing the benefits of the game with our communities across the country.

“This is an exciting journey, thank you all for your time and

support, and together let’s make every Nigerian proud again.

Through the love of the game.”

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