Forty three years on, stampede at Shooting Stars-Insurance match remains Nigeria’s biggest football stadium tragedy

Forty three years on, stampede at Shooting Stars-Insurance match remains Nigeria’s biggest football stadium tragedy
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This Saturday, August 13, 2022 marks the 43rd anniversary of what is easily the biggest football tragedy to have ever befallen Nigeria. Yet it is hardly recalled as the death of Samuel Okwaraji 10 years later eclipsed the saddest scene that Nigeria ever witnessed in a sports arena.

On the night of August 13, 1979, television viewers got more than they expected. Results and analyses of the presidential election held two days earlier were just trickling in.

It was on this night that legal luminary, Chief Richard Akinjide propounded his infamous twelve two third  theory that later became the clincher for Alhaji Shehu Shagari to become Nigeria’s first civilian president in a hotly contested election with Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

But the sports-inclined were awaiting the outcome of the epic encounter between IICC Shooting Stars and Bendel Insurance in the semi-final of the Challenge Cup, the exciting national football cup competition that has since gone through series of name change and now called Aiteo Cup. 

Both Shooting Stars and Bendel Insurance had met the previous year at the same stage and Bendel were not just surprise winners of the match, but also of the Challenge Cup.

Moreover, both were hot contenders for the National League title that Bendel had just won in 1979, great thanks to the collaboration with Water Corporation FC, the Ibadan city rivals of IICC Shooting Stars.

Within the regulation time, the Shooting Stars had become victorious, winning 2-1. But there was no time for the expected celebration.

Their moment of joy had turned to become national grief. Sports Village Square recalls that 24 fans had died in a stampede that ensued minutes after the match when the floodlights were suddenly switched off.

The tightly packed crowd made frantic and hurried rush towards the 72 exit points of the main bowl where iron gates had just been mounted.

But unknown to the rushing crowd, the exit points at the northern end of the stadium, the gates A and B were still locked. Early arrivals to the locked gates were trapped to the barrier in the ensuing stampede.

The gates collapsed under the weight of the surging crowd and the early arrivals were trampled upon.

The unlucky fans were pressed upon the iron gates, which later fell under the weight of the surging crowd.

Some of them died of suffocation. Worse still, the National Sports Commission (NSC) medical centre was not opened.

So, there was no immediate medical attention.  Ambulances at the sports complex could not also function for lack of personnel. About 50 others in convulsive conditions were rushed to hospitals.

By the time calm was restored, 24 fans were confirmed dead. Almost 30 others were seriously wounded.

The death toll was relayed in the late news announcement on television where viewers were possibly just awaiting electoral results and that of the classic Bendel Insurance /IICC Shooting Stars clash.

Two medical personnel, Dr. Alaba Efunkoya, a former chairman of Nigeria Table Tennis Association and Commander Sojinrin, a naval doctor who had come to watch the match and who was to become chairman of National Sports Commission some years later, assisted in offering first aid to some of the victims.

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    How time flies. You are always on point Oga when it comes to keeping memories alive. It serves as motivating factors to me who takes after you. Pls, keep it on Sir.


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