VIDEO: Watch the most incredible venue of World Cup 2026

VIDEO: Watch the most incredible venue of World Cup 2026
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FIFA on Thursday night revealed the 16 stadiums across three countries that will host the expanded World Cup in 2026.

Eleven of the stadiums are in the United States while Canada have two. The remaining three are in Mexico which becomes the first country to host the World Cup three times after that of 1970 and 1986.

Of the 16 stadiums, one of them, the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta will be the most breath taking.

It has been described as the eighth wonder of the world. It’s a jewel of technology and innovation. It’s the most modern stadium on the planet.

What makes it unique is the impressive retractable roof which was  installed. The roof is composed of eight petals weighting 500 tons each. It opens up to the magnificent city of Atlanta. It is inspired by the falcon’s wing, the bird that represents the local NFL team.

There is a 360 degree screen spread over 120sqm. The stadium can hold up to 71,000 people. Inaugurated in August 2017, it has already hosted big sporting events.

Construction started in May 2014 and it ended up costing enormous cost of $1.5 billion. This is the result. In 2026, the Mercedes Benz Stadium will be one of the venues for the World Cup which will be hosted by US, Mexico and Canada.

It will host six matches including a semi-final. The atmosphere is going to be incredible.

The roof was inaugurated at the end of July 2018 and 60,000 curious fans were present for the Falcons first training session. The Super bowl 2019 will also take place in this incredible arena along with the biggest concerts.

But that’s not all. People who visit the stadium outside match days can walk on the roof for an incredible view of Atlanta. They can also walk along the suspended bridges at the stadium or enjoy one of the restaurants.

Lastly, the Mercedes Benz Stadium has already broken a record. It is officially the most eco-friendly stadium in the world with 4,000 solar panels among other features.  It is the stadium of the future.

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