Breaking! Liverpool win the FA Cup

Breaking! Liverpool win the FA Cup
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After a thrilling 120 minutes and a penalty shoot-out that extended into ‘sudden death’ Liverpool have won the 2022  FA Cup in England 6-5 on penalties.

 With full time at 0-0 and the additional 30 minutes unable to break the deadlock, the match went into penalty shoot-out.

Chelsea were the first to miss their kick when Cesar Azpilicueta missed the second kick to give a 2-1 advantage to Liverpool.

The red carried on the advantage until the fifth kick when Sadio Mane was expected to deliver the clincher. Alas! He missed!

The equation became balance. But Mason Mount kick in the sudden death spelt doom for Chelsea as his kick was saved.

Kostas Tsimikas then delivered the final shot for Liverpool.

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