CAF grandstands on Champions League final venue

CAF grandstands on Champions League final venue
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CAF President, Motsepe

African football governing body, CAF has insisted that their is no going back in the decision about Morocco hosting the one-match final of the Champions League even after acknowledging the complaints by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports referring to the request by the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) and Al Ahly SC for a neutral venue.

In a press release, CAF appreciated and fully understood the complaints and concerns raised by Al Ahly SC and the EFA and is committed to the principles of fairness, justice and equality of all clubs and member associations.

It stated that it was obligated to adhere to and implement the decision that was taken by the previous CAF leadership in July 2019, which was that the  Champions League final would be a one-leg final rather than the usual two-legged home and away final.

Furthermore, CAF remarked that it is also bound by the CAF and FIFA rules which do not allow competition rules to be changed once the competition has started.

“Morocco and Senegal were the only countries that fulfilled the host country bid criteria, after CAF requested its 54 member associations to submit bids to host the  CAF Champions League one-leg final. Egypt did not submit a bid.

“South Africa and Nigeria submitted documents expressing an interest to host the CAF Champions League but did not fulfil the host country bidding criteria.

“Egypt did submit a bid to host the CAF Confederation Cup Final but did not fulfil the host country bidding criteria. 

“CAF subsequently awarded the CAF Champions League final to Morocco, after Senegal withdrew its bid.”

CAF pointed out that this year’s final may be the last on one-match basis as there are currently discussions underway within CAF to revert to the old two-legged home and away final to determine the winner.

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