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Behold Hansjorg Wyss, the Swiss billionaire who may buy Chelsea



Hansjorg Wyss and Roman Abramovich

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has decided to sell the club and has offered it to several prospective buyers.

One of those is Switzerland billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, who has admitted to getting an offer from Roman to buy the club.

While there is no confirmation over whether he’ll go on to buy the club, the billionaire is among the potential options to become Chelsea’s new owner.

So who exactly is the 86-year-old Swiss tycoon? Let’s have a look!

Who is Hansjorg Wyss?

Hansjorg Wyss is a billionaire businessmen who is among the richest people in Switzerland.

The 86-year-old is the founder of Synthes, a multinational medical device manufacturer.


Synthes, however, was sold to American corporation Johnson & Johnson for $19.7bn in 2012 – for which Wyss got a major increase in riches.

Wyss is also a philanthropist who has donated hundreds of millions to environmental causes in recent years.

His Wyss Foundation, a charitable organization, has more than $2bn in assets.

What is his wealth?

Wyss is now a retired businessman but continues to work as a philanthropist. He is one of the most philanthropic people in the world, as per Forbes.

As of 2021, he had a net worth of $5.8bn and currently ranks 235 on the Bloomberg list of billionaires.


However, he is still short of matching Roman’s net worth – which was claimed to be $12.9bn back in 2019.

What has Wyss said about buying Chelsea?

Speaking on receiving the offer to buy Chelsea, Wyss revealed on Wednesday: “Abramovich is one of Putin’s closest advisers and friends.

Like all other oligarchs, he is also in a state of panic.

“Abramovich is trying to sell all his properties in England. He also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly. I and three other people received an offer on Tuesday to buy Chelsea from Abramovich.

“I have to wait four or five days now. Abramovich is currently asking far too much. As of today, we don’t know the exact selling price. I can well imagine starting at Chelsea with partners, but I have to examine the general conditions first.”


Wyss has also confirmed that if he decided to buy Chelsea, it will be as part of a consortium consisting of 6-7 investors and not a case of him pouring all his money to own the club.

As per reports, American billionaire and part-owner of LA Dodgers, Todd Boehly is working with Wyss and they’ll come up with an offer together soon.


Kunle Solaja is the author of landmark books on sports and journalism as well as being a multiple award-winning journalist and editor of long standing. He is easily Nigeria’s foremost soccer diarist and Africa's most capped FIFA World Cup journalist, having attended all FIFA World Cup finals from Italia ’90 to Qatar 2022. He was honoured at the Qatar 2022 World Cup by FIFA and AIPS.

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