Egypt, Morocco players and FAs hit with suspensions and fines

Egypt, Morocco players and FAs hit with suspensions and fines
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Following the rowdy scene that attended the post match encounter of Egypt 2-1 reiumph over Morocco in Sunday’s quarterfinal match of the Africa Cup of Nations, both teams have been hit with sanctions by CAF. Marwan Mohamed Moustafa Dawoud  has been suspended for two matches.

Thus, he is out of the competition as ther two -match bans covers the semi-final match with Cameroon and either the losers’ final or the final match.

In addition, his FA is fined $5,000 for his violent conduct.

He is not alone, CAF also suspend Egypt assistant coach,  Rogerio Paulo Dos Santos Cesar De Sa for four matches.

Thus he would be off-duty for the remainder of the competition and also in the two World Cup play-offs of Egypt with Senegal.

The coach was charged with  using obscene gesture. For his action, the Egypt FA is further  fined $10,000. Another $10,000 fine is imposed on the Egypt FA for the actions of  unidentified aggressors at the after match incident.

The total fine imposed on Egypt FA is therefore $25,000.

Furthermore, the Portuguese coach of Egypt, Carlos Quiroz was warned for bringing the game into disrepute virtue of bench behaviour.

On the part of Morocco, CAF has suspended for two matches, players Soufian Chakla and Soufian Boufal for their violent behaviour.

They will therefore miss the two World Cup play-off matches with DR Congo.

In addition,  the Moroccan Federation  is fined $10,000 for the unidentified aggressors at the incident.

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