Breaking! FIFA suspends Cote d’Ivoire goalkeeper from taking part in Afcon

Breaking! FIFA suspends Cote d’Ivoire goalkeeper from taking part in Afcon
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Ethiopia Football Association in their Facebook page has announced that FIFA has suspended Cote d’Ivoire goalkeeper, Sylvain Gboho.

He plays for Ethiopian clubside, Welkite City. According to the report, FIFA sent the message to the Ethiopian Football Association, being the association whose club, the Ivorian plays for.

Gboho is one of the goalkeepers that Cote d’Ivoire have named for the Africa Cup of Nations which begins in Cameroon in nine days’ time.

According to the report, the goalkeeper’s episode began in November when Cote d’Ivoire played against Gabon. His urine sample had Trimetazidine which had  been banned from athletes since 2014.

The ingredient is found in drugs that help treat heart diseases caused by blood clotting and increases the use of glucose in the heart muscles.

Because of this reason, it is prohibited to use by the International Agency for Anti-stressants and Spices.

When there is no other option for treatment, it is possible to get a ‘Special Medical Use Exemption’ or ‘TUE) from WADA by getting a ‘Special Medical use Exemption’ (TUE) but the agency said Sylvain doesn’t have this license.

According to the law, when this happens, the final decision will be given by the disciplinary committee shortly after the temporary ban is imposed on the player.

According to this, the FIFA discipline committee has passed the following decision on the player.

1. Sylvain Gboho will be temporarily banned worldwide from the day this decision was announced.

2- This temporary ban includes national or international competition.

3- In FIFA Anti-infertile Drug Law 2021 ed. Unless it is terminated earlier based on the stones included, the temporary ban will be decided by the FIFA Discipline Commission.

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