CAF Congress decides on final paths to Qatar 2022

CAF Congress decides on final paths to Qatar 2022
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When the Confederation of African Football (CAF)  hold its 13th Extraordinary General Assembly in Cairo, Egypt on Friday the major issue most football followers in the continent will be awaiting is the date of the draw as well as format of the play-off for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This is stated as part of the item number seven of the meeting’s agenda. Originally, the play-off by the 10 group leaders was scheduled for the international match calendar of March 2022.

But when FIFA amended the play-off involving intercontinental teams of Europe and South America to be a single match in one venue owing to congestions in both continents and the long trips the teams would have to make, speculations were rife that CAF might follow suit and fixed the play-off as single matches in Qatar next year.

It is expected that teams from West and Central Africa will shoot down such a proposal as it will be favourable to just the four North African teams.

Being Arabs, they will be more at home playing against non-Arab teams, a situation that may ensure that four of the five African teams will emerge from North Africa.

Only Egypt face the probability of meeting a North African team, being out of the top seeded five teams. Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria are already seeded, just like Senegal and Nigeria.

The Fifa international match calendar for the first quarter of 2022 runs from 21 to 29 March an eight-day window in which two-legged fixtures could be executed.

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