Exclusive! Two players listed by Liberia are ineligible for Nigeria’s clash on Saturday

Exclusive! Two players listed by Liberia are ineligible for Nigeria’s clash on Saturday
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Abu Kamara Allen Njie


As the countdown continue to the Saturday World Cup qualifying match of Liberia Lone Star and the Super Eagles, www.sportsvillagesquare.com has discovered two ineligible players listed by Liberia for the potentially crunchy encounter.

In the 22-man list of the Liberians are two players who have had two yellow cards each in the ongoing World Cup qualifying series.

As per Article 15 paragraph 2 of Regulations FIFA World Cup Preliminary Competition, the players have to miss the match with Nigeria.

The article reads: “If a player receives two cautions in two different matches, he will be automatically suspended from his team’s subsequent match.”

Abu Kamara, one of the foreign imports was cautioned in the 31st minute of their last World Cup qualifying match with Cape Verde.

It was the second yellow card the FC Makedonija of North Macedonia received in the series.

He had earlier been cautioned in the 1-0 win Liberia had against Central African Republic on 6 September.  The referee of the match, Sékou Ahmed Touré gave Kamara a yellow card in the 45th minute of the match played in Douala.

Thus, making the caution received in the 10 October match with Cape Verde, the second one. He is to mandatorily miss the next match which is the encounter with Nigeria.

The same applies to Allen Njie, another midfielder. He was cautioned in the 55th minute of the 7 October match with Cape Verde in Accra.

He had earlier received a caution in the 3 September match with Nigeria in Lagos. He got the yellow card in te 43rd minute of the match.

Mandatorily, he was to miss the last match Liberia played in Cape Verde. However, he was not just fielded in that match, he was the captain.

Having featured in that match which Liberia lost 1-0, the result might still worsened for the team if the rule is applied in the strict sense of it.

Just as it happened to Nigeria in the 17 November 2018 match with Algeria, the result may be annulled and the match forfeited to Cape Verde with three goals to worsen the goal deficit the Liberians are having.

Alternatively, Allen Njie who plays for FC Aarau in Switzerland could be made to serve the match suspension on Saturday.

Article 15:4 of the competition’s regulations states: “Any suspension that cannot be served during this competition will be carried over to the representative team’s next official match.”

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