CAF may soon scrap away goals rule

CAF may soon scrap away goals rule
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If past precedents are anything to go by, it is just a matter of months before CAF will follow UEFA’s action of scrapping away goals in its club competitions.

The European football governing body on Thursday made a major announcement of abolishing the away-goal rule where in cases of drawn matches, in aggregate scores, away goals will count double.

CAF has always copy policies adopted by UEFA. A few examples will suffice. The lead continental clubs football tournament was initially called the African Cup of Champions Clubs, fashioned after the old European Champion Clubs’ Cup.

When the European competition changed name to UEFA Champions League, in 1992 and abolished its straight knockout format, CAF followed suit five years later by adopting the European format and also renamed the competition as CAF Champions League.

Since UEFA once had a Winners Cup, CAF too in 1995 also created it own version of Africa Cup-Winners Cup which Shooting Stars first won for Nigeria at the second edition.

When UEFA abolished its second and third tiers club competitions to create the Europa Cup, CAF followed with the abolishing of Cup Winners Cup and the CAF Cup to create the CAF Confederations Cup in 2004.

CAF has also abolished the home and away final matches of the CAF Champions League for the single final match in a pre-chosen venue.

Loading therefore is the likelihood of CAF also abolishing the away goals rule.

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