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Lionel Messi is acknowledged as one of the iconic and most prosperous sports personalities in the world. But it has not always been so for him considering his past, especially his native home in Rosario in Argentina where he was born.

According to Spanish publication, Tribuna, the house isn’t living its best days at the moment.

Messi was born in a middle-class neighbourhood in Rosario called ‘La Bajada’. His family owned a two-storey house on Israel Street.

If you were to visit the neighbourhood without knowing the facts, there’s no way you’d spot the house where the legendary footballer was born.

The house is closed off by shut curtains and protected by railing, with no sign indicating that Messi spent his childhood years there.

Although it looks abandoned, it’s known that the Messi family still own the building; it’s just that no one lives there.

Although the house bears no signs of the Barcelona star having lived there, you can find multiple murals of the Argentine on the Israel Street. The sidewalks are painted in white and blue, the national team colours, with Leo’s jersey number on it.

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