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The inquisition on the death of the football legend, Diego Maradona has thrown up a conspiracy theory.  It has been reported that hefell and hit his head a week before his death and was left alone for three days after the accident.

According to local reports, Maradona bumped his head after he fell inside his house. However he was reportedly not taken to hospital or given an MRI scan. 

The revelation is coming after his personal physician is been investigated for possible medical negligence. 

Maradona died of ‘acute lung edema and chronic heart failure’, according to a preliminary autopsy report, in his sleep at noon while resting at his home in Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, last Wednesday. 

The 60-year-old Argentine football legend was receiving round-the-clock medical care at a house in a gated community where he was recuperating from surgery to remove a clot on his brain in early November. 

A lawyer for Gisela Madrid, Maradona’s nurse, was quoted by Argentine media as saying: ‘Maradona fell on the Wednesday of the week before his death. 

‘He fell and hit his head, but they didn’t take him to the hospital for an MRI or CT scan …’

Following the fall, Maradona was left alone in his room for three days, lawyer Rodolfo Baquè claimed. 

‘Maradona was unable to decide anything: after the fall he was left alone for three days in his room, without being seen by anyone and without being helped,’ he said.  

Mr Baquè added that Maradona had hit the right hand side of his head, the opposite one from which he had undergone a blood clot operation on November 11. 

On Saturday it emerged Maradona’s nurse had admitted she lied about an early-morning check-up. 

Initial reports pointed to a 24-year-old nephew who was staying with him at the San Andres home being the last person to see him alive over breakfast the day Diego died. 

Maradona was said to have told his relative ‘I’m not feeling well’ before going back to bed and dying in his sleep before investigators were told he had never got up on Wednesday to eat anything.

Diego’s nephew told investigators he last saw him when he went to bed around 11pm on Tuesday. An uneaten late-night sandwich snack was among the items found in his room by police.

A night-shift nurse told investigators he had seen Maradona ‘sleeping and breathing normally in bed’ around 6.30am on Wednesday.

A report in the hands of state prosecutors heading a probe into the retired footballer’s death, leaked to Argentinian media and signed by a nurse named locally as Dahiana Gisela Madrid who took over around the same time, states: ‘At 6.30am I started my shift and the patient was resting.

‘At 7.30am he is heard moving around inside his room. At 8.30am he continues to rest. At 9.20am he refuses to have his vital signs monitored.’

The health report for private medical firm Medidom is now at the centre of an ongoing probe after the nurse reportedly told investigators she had never entered Diego’s bedroom the morning of his death to check up on him.

Local news agency Telam, citing judicial sources in a report widely echoed in the Argentinian press, said the nurse had claimed in her second statement under oath that she had been ‘made to lie’ for the Medidom report.

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