According to Arsenal’s official website, Nigerian born Bukayo Saka said it is a tough choice for him on his international future.

The youngster is eligible to represent both England and Nigeria at international level.He has played for England U19s team up until now.Saka himself admits it’ll be a hard choice to make when the time comes for a decision.

Bukayo Saka is to make up his mind whether he will represent England or Nigeria on the international stage at senior level. The versatile winger himself admits as much, stressing he needs to stay humble at this point in time.

“It’s a tough choice,” Saka told Sky Sports. I’m happy to have represented England at youth level but I’m also proud of my Nigerian heritage from my parents.

“I haven’t been picked by any team so it’s about staying humble and when the time comes I’ll make the decision.”

The youngster has played for England’s U19s team up until now but until he’s made an appearance for the senior side he can still choose between England and Nigeria at senior level.

Gareth Southgate has reportedly travelled to Wembley to watch Saka during the semi-final vs Man City – in which case he would have been disappointed because Bukayo didn’t feature at all.

The Nigerian FA chief has already said they won’t beg Saka to choose Nigeria over England, although there are reports that the Super Eagles will try to beat the Three Lions to the punch by calling up Bukayo as early as September.