On this date, 9 July 1991, South Africa was readmitted to the Olympics and later featured at the Barcelona ’92 Games. Before then, South Africa had made a debut at the Games in 1904 and featured at every edition until that of Rome in 1960.

There was a twist in 1962 when the United Nations General Assembly passed the Resolution 1761 in response to the South Africa’s apartheid policy.  Consequently, the country was barred from the Olympic Games.

As an extension of the implementation of the UN General Assembly Resolution 1761, African countries severed sporting contacts with nations that participated in sports with South Africa.

That explains why African countries pulled out of the 1976 Montreal Olympics.  At the instance of Tanzania, 22 African countries withdrew for the 1976 Games to protest the participation of New Zealand which rugby team had toured the apartheid South Africa and that New Zealand was scheduled to compete in the Olympic Games.

The nonracial Interim National Olympic Committee of South Africa (now South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) was founded in 1991 during the transition to multiracial equality and affiliated to the IOC months later.