Nigeria’s Youth and Sports Development Minister, Sunday Dare has vowed to recover all the missing memorabilia that reportedly disappeared from the Hall of Fame that was set up for Nigerian sports icons.

Speaking during a visit to the Hall of Fame centre situated inside the main bowl of the MKO Abiola Stadium in Abuja, Dare said: “We are determined to set up a proper Hall of Fame for our sports men and women.

“I decided to visit the gallery to see things for myself, to ascertain what has happened to those items that were collected to set up the Hall of Fame 17 years ago. I want to find out the missing link.

“I’m working with the staff of the ministry to establish what happened to those items. We are going to locate where they were kept, recover them, clean them and position them in the gallery where people can see them. 

“These items are priceless and we shall do everything to recover them. We are talking of memorabilia that were put together and kept in a private building 17 years ago when there was no sports Ministry and sports  was run by   the  National Sports Commission.

“We want to do the proper thing now so that the Hall of Fame can warehouse those priceless memorabilia.”

Dare affirmed:  “There is nothing like hall of shame. If one or two components are missing does not make it a hall of shame. We are trying to correct a lot of things that had gone wrong about 17 years ago. We are determined to correct the wrongs of the past by setting up a proper Hall of Fame”