Coronavirus is already provoking a global recession, which is set to affect football as well.

In these circumstances, UEFA are already thinking about the potential measures to relieve the pressure on the football clubs.

One of the measures in question is temporarily suspending the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, according to Marca.

The suspension of football matches all across Europe means that clubs would have to adjust their transfer budgets accordingly. Teams in France and Italy are already discussing cutting players’ salaries.

The European football authorities reportedly reckon that keeping FFP rules as they are would be unfair for clubs.

As per Fox Sports Italia, UEFA is set to meet with the International Football Association, the Association of European Clubs and representatives from different leagues to decide just what the next step on this problem is.

Club reportedly hope to see FFP rules suspended entirely for one year, as they expect to go deep in debt to be able to sign their transfer targets this summer.

Marca add that such a discussion is only the first step in dealing with the financial consequences of coronavirus.

At the moment, all five major European football leagues remain suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak, with the Champions League and the Europa League postponed as well.

However, UEFA have issued a resolution which aims to compel all domestic competitions to be seen through by June 30