FIFA President, Gianni Infantino has proposed to CAF, a new pan-African club competition. This was made at the seminar on African football in Rabat, Morocco.

The proposed Pan African football league would comprise 20 permanent member clubs.  Additional clubs that qualify via regional competitions would support them.

In the proposal, the permanent member clubs would be urged to provide an investment of USD20m (N7 billion) to the project annually over five years, taking their total investment to USD100m.

It is not clear if any Nigerian football club will have such financial capacity. The clubs in the Pan African football league would also have to meet other participation criteria such as investment in youth and women’s football.

In this way, the competition would have the potential to generate a revenue of USD3bn over a five-year cycle – and would also create the conditions for African football to be able to retain some of most talented players in the continent.

“We have to reflect about how we can revolutionise African football,” the FIFA President said.

“I want to create a real pan-African league that would feature 20-24 clubs with a maximum of maybe two clubs per country that would still play in their national leagues but that would play during the year so we can really crown the club champions of Africa.”