The proof of the puddings was on the scales. Also the truth behind the mind games.Anthony Joshua was as good as his word, weighing in at 16st 13lbs, his lightest for five years and 10 pounds less than when he lost his world heavyweight titles six months ago. 

Andy Ruiz sent almost as big a shock through the open air crowds as when he knocked out AJ when he stepped up at a massive 20st 3lbs.

That is a full stone and one pound heavier than the New York night when he became Mexico’s first world heavyweight champion.

Both men had been predicting a weight loss but only Joshua has lived down to his promise.

He looked astonishingly skinny as he stripped off his shirt in the late afternoon sunshine. Gone are the exaggerated body-builder muscles.

Ruiz had been talking for weeks about how he would present himself for this Saturday night’s rematch on the dunes carrying less of the flab about his belly which had caught surprised eyes first time around.

His team had put pictures on the internet of him looking more like a normal boxer. 

But he appeared much larger here. 

Have they duped Joshua into losing too much weight?

AJ wanted to be lighter to try to combat the remarkable speed of hand and foot which had been his undoing in his first career defeat.

But this light?

Or is Ruiz showing the effects of too much celebrating of his overnight wealth and fame. And too many of the Snickers bars to which he loves?

He seemed unconcerned, exaggerating the now three stone discrepancy between them by keeping on his T-shirt, tracksuit trousers and even his sombrero.

Who knows? Maybe there were weights in his pockets, round his ankles or under his hat. 

The expensive Mariachi head-gear alone weighs at least three kilos, which will account for more than six of the extra 15 pounds. 

Joshua has trained for more speed and a big improvement in mobility, which he needs in that quick-built arena.

Ruiz is naturally fast so may have bulked up to be sure of the knock out, since he doubts he will get the decision if t goes to points even he deserves to win.

Either that or he has over indulged and opened not only the door to the pantry but the gateway to redemption for Joshua.

-Daily Mail



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