Speculations are rife that Spanish coach, Pep Guardiola may leave Manchester City at the end of the current season.

The usually reliable Spanish publication, Tribuna, quoting a top tier English news outlet The Athletic, has reported that the feelings in Manchester City’s inner circles are that Guardiola might leave soon.

The Athletic add that there is a slim chance that Guardiola, a Catalan, will rejoin Bayern Munich for the second spell at the helm of the German club. He maintains a good relationship with the Bavarians’ leadership, still has property in the city and visits it occasionally.

Here comes the most interesting thing although – Pep’s wife has recently moved back to Barcelona – and, as The Athletic’s source adds, ‘she is much more than a wife’, she is also a manager and organizes Guardiola’s whole life.

There is a problem, however: Guardiola’s relationship with the current Barca board is far from amicable. Moreover, Pep repeatedly stated in the past that he won’t be taking over Barca for the second spell as a first-team manager.

People change though, their plans also change. Let’s wait and hope for the best.

As a reminder, Pep has a contract with the Citizens until 2022, after he signed an extension in May 2018. Nonetheless, almost every Barca fan would like Guardiola back at Camp Nou.