The Mutual Benefits National Badminton Championship is slated to roll out it’s 3rd Edition on Wednesday at it’s “traditional” venue, the Mutual Benefits / Police College Badminton Hall, at the Police College, Ikeja, Lagos.

The event is the initiative of the Francis Orbih-led Badminton Federation of Nigeria, which was born out of the identified need to provide the teeming young players of the game in Nigeria with avenues to get the necessary local exposure and experience all with a view of reviving the game from its then comatose state.

This championship has come a long way and has become one of the annual events that all active players of the game must attend, to garner points and improve their national ranking.

The championship is putting up for grabs a total of NGN 2,670,000 ( Two million six hundred and seventy thousand naira only) as prize monies for players up to the Last 16 in the singles events and quater finals in the doubles events.

The present board of the Badminton Federation of Nigeria has reiterated it’s resolve to continue exploring avenues to have more national Grade A competitions for it’s ever increasing number of players to play and sharpen their competitive edge. 

In November, there is yet another national championship, the GSK National Badminton Championship coming up