It has been revealed that Frenchman, Zinedine Zidane rules with iron fist at Real Madrid.  Sports Village Square gathered from different sources such as UK Daily Mail, Spanish publications such asDeportes Cuatro  and Marca that not putting mobile phones on silence attracts a fine of 250 euros (N 98,245.2).

Zidane: The iron-fisted man at Real Madrid

Being 15 minutes late to training session attracts a fine of 1,000 euros (N392,981). Such are the strict fines that the Real Madrid stars have to cope with.

The fines include a charge of £223 for players who are five minutes late to training

Zinedine Zidane’s squad contains some of the most prominent players in world football, including Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale and Sergio Ramos.

Owing to such strict rules, it was gathered that players must turn up at least 45 minutes before training, with a series of fines imposed for lateness.  

Any player not named in the matchday squad must be with the team before the game

Players who are five minutes late are charged £223 (€250) (,N 98,245.2) with those who are 15 minutes late being fined £446 (€500)( N196,490).

Those who turn up even later are fined up to £891 (€1,000) (N392,981), with an unexplained absence from training setting a player back £2,674 (€3,000) (N 1,178,940).

There are also fines regarding players using mobile phones in the dressing room, on the team coach or while being attended to by physios.

Other fines include failure to tell club of intention to go outside Madrid on a day off: Up to £891 (€1,000) (N392,981).

An initial fine of £223 (€250) could rise to between £446 and £891 (€500 and €1,000) (N392,981)for repeat offenders.

Players will have to pay £223 (€250) (N 98,245.2) if they are not weighed, and being overweight could result in a fine of £891 (€1,000) (N 392,981) for repeat offenders.

If players decide to go outside Madrid on a day off or are to take part in any interviews or commercial activities, they must inform the club beforehand. Failure to do so can lead to a fine of up to £891 (€1,000).

Another rule states that players not named in the matchday squad must be in the dressing room with the team before the start of the game and remain in the stadium until at least ten minutes before the match finishes. 

Bale wasn’t included in Real’s squad for the 2-2 draw with Club Brugge in the Champions League last week, but the Welsh winger turned up four minutes late, meaning he will receive a fine.

Gareth Bale will have received a fine as he turned up late to the game against Club Brugge

Speaking after the game, Zidane, as reported by AS, said: ‘That is something that remains in-house. You have information that you don’t need to have. 

‘I have to speak to the player but I don’t have to tell you what was said. I speak with the player, but you don’t need to have this information.’ 


Training Sessions:

Five minutes late: £223 (€250) = N 98,245.2

15 minutes late: £446 (€500) =N 196,490

More than 15 minutes late: £891 (€1,000) = N 392,981

Unexplained absence from training: £2,674 (€3,000) =N 1,178,940

Using mobile phones when not supposed to

Initial fine: £223 (€250) = N98,245.2

Repeat offenders: Between £446 and £891 (€500 and €1,000) = N 392,981

Not being weighed: £223 (€250) =N 98,245.2

Being overweight: £891 (€1,000) (for repeat offenders) = N 392,981

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