Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar‘s tussle to be the most notable face of football has now moved to a different arena, after the two superstars feigned a boxing bout for a Portuguese phone commercial.

According to Daily Mail of UK, the two players have demonstrated their quick feet and competitive streaks on countless occasions, but both stars instead resorted to brute force for a clash of the footballing titans. 

Both Ronaldo and Neymar are heavily present in advertisements, and this time the former Barcelona and Real Madrid attackers were thrown into several showdowns that spanned across the worlds of boxing, wrestling and table tennis.

The video was filmed in Turin, home to Ronaldo’s current club Juventus, and had become viral on Saturday evening after the advert was shown across Brazilian media. It originates from early July, when it was played across Portuguese stations.

The advert kicks off with the two icons going face to face in the ring, before acting out several suggestions from the public. 

But just as it appeared the two would battle it out for real after touching gloves, Neymar switches up the atmosphere after dancing along to Brazilian-style music, much to the amusement of his opponent.

The duel then shifts to a wrestling match, with the duo donning WWE masks. 

Another version of the advert also shows the pair enjoying a table tennis match, although both are bizarrely forced to use chopsticks after demonstrating their skills with a standard bat. 

Neymar is reportedly demanding to leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer, with his sights set firmly on a return to Spain. Real Madrid could be tempted for a big money move if they are able to shift players from their hefty playing roster.