The youngest boxing heavyweight champion ever, Mike Tyson has made a shocking revelation about the way he used to escape anti-doping checks.

In an interview with ESPN this Thursday and monitored by Mococco World News, the American boxer admitted to having used to submit his wife or children’s urine in order to avoid positive results in anti-doping tests.

“I used to use my wife’s urine and she would say when the results are known, they’ll tell you you’re pregnant. So I thought it would be better to use my children’s urine,” said Mike Tyson.

Tyson revealed the truth when the show presenter recalled the case of DJ Cooper, an American basketball player who was suspended for two years after using his girlfriend’s urine sample during a performance-enhancing drugs (PED) test and the result came out positive for Pregnancy.

Competing from 1985 to 2005, Mike Tyson won the world heavyweight boxing title at just 20 years, four months, and 22 days old.

Holding a record of 44 knockouts out of 50 wins, Tyson was only defeated 6 times and tied twice.