The issue of appointment of ministers to form the federal cabinet in Nigeria has again come to the fore. The legislative arm of government has reportedly urged the list to be forwarded before the end of this week.

That is what has informed this list being released now. After exhaustive screening of the over 100 million citizens, one has come up with an almost perfect list of those that the President should appoint to run the new cabinet of Nigeria.

Everyone will agree it is not an easy task to go through the CV of close to 100 million Nigerians to pick the new ministers and give them portfolios.

That is exactly what one has been able to achieve. Here are the great men and women that should put some vigour into the art of governance.


Kenneth Omeruo, ‘Minister of Defence’

Kenneth Omeruo stands tall as a Minister of Defence. Not only is he the longest serving defender in the Super Eagles, he showed he could also go on the offensive when it is necessary. Recall that as a defender, it was his offensive move that got Nigeria the qualification for the Round of 16 in the just concluded Africa Cup of Nations.

But for the goal, Nigeria may have kissed goodbye to the competition at the group stage as the Super Eagles would have only had four points. As a long-standing defender, he has proven that he can defend the Nigerian territory. That he ventured forward to score a goal means that he can also go on the offensive against the Boko Haram and chase them out of the Nigerian territory.

Take a bow, Honorable Minister, Kenneth Omeruo. You are hereby confirmed as a Minister of the Federal Republic.


Labourious Rita Chkwelu, ‘Minister of Labour’

It is of common knowledge that most governments and indeed, the private sector have failed to meet their commitments in paying for services that many Nigerians rendered.

Who else fits the position of Minister of Labour other than Rita Chikwelu, the indefatigable captain of the 2016 Super Falcons!

She led the squad to win on the field and ensured that her co-labourers efforts were not in vain.

She led the protest that ensured the team was paid. Not only that, her efforts rubbed off on the Super Eagles who were also paid outstanding allowances as the Federal Government, Lagos State Government and private individuals promptly stepped out with dollarized incentives to avert possible boycott of matches by the Super Eagles at the Africa Cup of Nations.

With Rita Chikwelu at the helms in the Ministry of Labour, there will no longer be stories of workers being owed salaries.


Chief Olusegun Patrick Odegbami, MON, ‘Minister of Petroleum’

The longest running schools sports programme in the country today is perhaps the Shell/NNPC Cup. Of course the brain behind it is the mathematical Segun Odegbami.

With his years of experience on the Shell/NNPC project, he must have garnered enough skills in the petroleum industry. Imagine if he were to be the Petroleum minister, he will mathematically calculate the best price that Nigerians can afford to get petroleum products.

The same skill he employed to dislodge defences on the football field will come handy in wading off barriers in delivering petroleum products to Nigerians. Let’s hail our new Minister of Petroleum, Chief Segun Odegbami.

Step out, Honorable Minister, Chief Olusegun Odegbami, MON, our Minister of Petroleum.


Chierika Ugogu, transportation by water will receive a boost from her as ‘Minister of Transport’

Who else, but Chierika Ugogu, the American-born Nigerian rower who reportedly raised $15,000 to transport herself to the Rio Olympics thus becoming the first Nigerian to feature in Rowing at Olympics. With her, transportation across Nigeria will get a boost.


Abel Baba will be a fair arbiter as ‘Minister of Justice’

It has always been a prayer that we have a country where no man is oppressed. We desire a country where justice thrives.

We need a fair arbiter. No doubt, the cap fits Abel Baba, the only Nigerian referee invited to officiate at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. If the continent found him good, we should not hesitate to appoint him as our minister of justice as he completed his assignment at Gabon. 2017. After him, no other Nigerian arbiter had been found worthy.


It’s all green around grinning Christopher Green, the ‘Minister of Agriculture’

The Yorubas have a proverb that says, when hunger is eliminated, poverty is alleviated. I also remember that the government of President Shehu Shagari emphasised so much on agriculture that he launched its famous “Green Revolution”.

Do we need to search far to know who the cap fits to champion a Green Revolution in Nigeria? Step out, Barrister Christopher Green!

He was part of the administration of the NFF when the Dankaro House was presented to the NFF.  The building is now overgrown with green vegetation.

The surroundings of the ‘new’ Dankoro House are still all green, even without the application of fertilizers. Imagine if we have such genius handling the agric sector, there will be abundance of green zones all over the country.

Even, the express roads will turn green without application of fertilizers, thus saving a chunk of revenue importing such.

Come forward, Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Barrister Christopher Green. Continue grinning!


Femi Otedola, left, has started performing his role as ‘Minister of Health’

Ah! This is the simplest task. Who else other than Femi Otedola who is bankrolling the health bills of prominent sports personalities? He did for Chairman Christian Chukwu and is understandably doing it for former national team goalkeeper, Peter Fregene. With Otedola in charge of the health sector, the wellbeing of Nigerians will be assured.

Congratulations, Honorable Minister, Femi Otedola!


Powerful powerlifther, Ezuruike Roland will lift the power sector as ‘Minister of Power’

We all know the importance of power in any economy. Who else can lift power supply in the country other than a world champion in power lifting?

A certain Ezuruike Roland set three records in power lifting enroute his gold medal feat at the Rio 2016 Games. We can all see that power dwells in him.

Do we need another proof that he is the most qualified person to man the power sector? With him on the saddle, power will get a lift in Nigeria as he has been engaging in powerlifting.


An all-rounder! A footballer, a runner and a jumper! Chioma Ajunwa will give all sports fair treatment as ‘Minister of Sports

For many years, most sports ministers in Nigeria turned out to be ‘Minister of Football’. We earnestly need a departure from the past.

We need an all-rounder. This is where Chioma Ajunwa-Opara (MON) fits in. She is a former track and field athlete who was also a footballer for Nigeria.

She remains the only Nigerian to have represented the country internationally in two diverse disciplines – Women World Cup in China ’91 and Olympic Games in 1996.  In athletics, she was both a runner and jumper.

Chioma is Nigeria’s first Olympic gold medallist, Nigeria’s only individual Olympic gold medallist and Africa’s only woman to win an Olympic gold medal in a field event.

Also, as an athlete, she ran in the 100m and 200m. No doubt, as our sports minister, she will not focus on football alone.


Ogenyi Onazi, ‘Minister of Finance’

When you are financially depressed, you need someone to meet your expectation to a point. This is where Super Eagles’ Ogenyi Onazi fits in for the position of Minister of Finance.

While others watched from the sidelines the unfolding drama, after Super Falcons’ eighth win of the African Women Championship in December 2016, Onazi met their needs to a point by donating the sum of N1million Naira to the players in addition to N200, 000 to injured Falcon’s defender, Onome Ebi.

With Onazi managing the finance of the country, Nigerians are assured of bail-out to meet urgent and immediate needs.


‘Minister of Information’ Olusesan Ajibade

While many based their reports on the audit query raised by FIFA to the NFF on speculations, leading to denials that such a thing happened, a certain Olusesan Ajibade of New Telegraph sent a mail to FIFA and rightly informed Nigerians of the situation.

Just imagine if this man handles the information ministry, the era of misinforming Nigerians will come to an end.
Therefore, let the Senate confirm Olusesan Ajibade as our Minister of Information.

With these people at the helms, governance will reach higher than Next Level.