Ahead of Sunday’s straight knockout semi-final match with familiar opponents, Algeria, Gernot Rohr has put the Super Eagles into another round of seclusion. It is a common practice by title-chasing teams and frequently applied by even, Brazil.

In Brazil, as explained by the legendary Pele, this is called ‘concentracåo’. This limits the players’ to the camp and having minimal contact with external persons. It allows for maximum concentration on task ahead.

The players are confined to their rooms to observe siesta from 2pm to 4pm and no loitering or receiving of visitor is permitted.  

It cannot be immediately understood, the extent this will affect the second delegation that the Nigerian Government is sending to cheer the team.

A torrential dollar rainfall occurred during an earlier visit by the ‘Federal Government Team 1”. Possibly greater one, never known since the flooding rainfall in the days of the Biblical Noah may occur.

The players on Wednesday had interaction with the media, friends and relatives ahead of the seclusion that takes effect from Thursday.  

They had a closed-door training session on Thursday where even the media were shot out.

The regimented life is expected to be in force till the make or break duel with Algeria on Sunday. The team already has a tough path to take to the final match.

A win on Sunday takes the Super Eagles to the final match for the seventh time.