The Fan ID, which made its debut at the Russia 2018 World Cup, will be in operation at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, which kicks off in Egypt next weekend.

A typical Fan ID at Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

 This is gathered by that the Fan ID will allow prospective spectatorsto buy tickets and have access to the stadium. Registration is to be done at

As it was in Russia last year, all tickets holders need to hold a Fan ID together with a valid match ticket to enter stadiums for matches.

According to CAF,a Fan ID is a unique identification document used to identify a fan registered in Tazkarti system. “A Fan ID is your laissez-passer to stadiums. It is an effective method to achieve the safety of the fans allowing identifying them in the stadium.”

But unlike at Russia 2018 when the Fan ID was also used as entry visas, at Egypt 2019, “Fan IDs assigned to persons from other countries are not substitution of an entry visa to Egypt. Fans from other countries have to apply for an entry visa to Egypt as per the rules applied to citizens of these countries.

“Note that there are instructions to facilitate all the procedures required to obtain a visa through all Egyptian embassies in the countries participating in the tournament”, a statement from CAF website informed.

The statement explained that the Fan ID is free, but one can receive the Fan ID only after purchasing the first ticket.