Since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid after nine years in their fold, the club is doing everything possible to wipe off his memory.

According to Daily Mail of UK, Real Madrid has taken several steps to play down Ronaldo’s role in the club’s success.

The publication has it that there are few tributes to Ronaldo in Madrid and the club media tries to ignore him. Even footage on the club’s TV channel has even been altered to remove Ronaldo.

On the home page of their website Real Madrid proudly display four of their players who were selected in UEFA’s team of 2018.

Not in the picture, however, is the talismanic figure who inspired them to make history last year, and who was also selected in that team of the year.

It’s perhaps to be expected that Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric and Marcelo are the players posing in this season’s strip. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, after all, did not stay around long enough to try it for size. 

There is a brief mention that Ronaldo also featured in the team but it’s strangely underplayed that they had five not four players in UEFA’s gala XI.

It is also one more example of a very subtle removal of Ronaldo from the public face of the club who broke all records for during his nine-year spell.

No sooner had he left Real Madrid last summer than the club stopped following him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – unlike Manchester United, who still follow their legendary No 7.

It might have lost Real access to his 32 million-plus Twitter followers but it seemed like them making a clean break. It became a mutual social media divorce when Ronaldo later responded the same way.

They know they can’t completely wipe almost of decade of history away and he still has his place in the legends section of their website, but they stop well short of bragging about the fact that one of the greatest players of all time spent his best years at the Bernabeu.

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