The 58-year-old legendary former footballer and now coach, Diego Maradona is again having health challenges. It will be recalled that he collapsed whilst supporting his national side at the World Cup in Russia.

Before then, some years ago, he was treated for a life-threatening ailment when his body suddenly became vastly overweight, and he was in a grave state in the intensive care unit.

He faced serious hypertension and pneumonia. He spent a week on a respirator and, as always, his recovery seemed to be a strange mix of miraculousness and hard-headedness.

On his fourth day post-respirator, the soccer idol felt so good that he left the clinic against doctors’ orders. This time, he is finding it difficult to walk and according to UK’s Daily Mail, his surgeon has said the football legend may need to have artificial knees if he is to carry on walking.

German Ochoa confirmed the retired player has severe arthritis in both knees after footage emerged of him struggling across a training pitch – and said knee replacement surgery is the only long-term option.

Diego Maradona needs knee replacement surgery and was seen struggling in Dorados training

The Colombian medic operated on the 58-year-old in 2004 and saw him again before the World Cup when he injected a gel-like fluid into his knee joints to ease his pain.

The Argentina legend is suffering with severe arthritis in both of his knees. He has had injection in his knees previously in order to slow down the disorder

He told Argentinian news website Todo Noticias after a video of Diego struggling to walk with the help of right-hand man Luis Campos at the training ground of the Mexican second division club he now manages: ‘Maradona has severe arthritis in both his knees and has no cartilage left.

 Maradona, seen here with a knee brace, will require operations on the troublesome joints

‘The bones rub together. It’s a serious problem because it causes him a lot of pain and swelling and makes it difficult for him to move.

‘Maradona knows the solution is an operation and protheses in both knees.

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