With the revelation of the voting pattern for the FIFA Best Awards, Barcelona star, Lionel Messi was revealed to have voted for Modric to win the award.

Both Messi and Modric were in the same World Cup group with Nigeria. Both would also have crossed path in last season’s La Liga.

In the match up of Croatia and Argentina at Russia 2018, Croatia won 3-0 with Modric scoring one of the goals.

According to 90min publication, Modric was eager to thank Messi. He said: “I’m happy. What can I say about him? He’s one of the best of all time and it’s a shame he could not be here tonight.

“I thank you for these five points”

When asked whether he felt he deserved to win the award, Modric said: “As everyone voted for me as the best, yes, because I had an awesome year.

“I do not like to talk about myself, if I consider myself the best or not, but here my colleagues, players, journalists and fans who voted, yes they voted for me. I deserve to win it and that’s it.”