The Pirates, the national team of Seychelles, open their training camp this Sunday as they prepare for Saturday’s match with the Super Eagles in one of the Match Day 2 of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.  The gathering point is Maison Football Ground in Roche Caiman.

Coach Gavin Jeanne invited 30 players, including two overseas ones from Germany and Australia. He homes to trim the assembly to 20 players just before the match with the Super Eagles on Saturday.

The match holds at the 10,000 capacity Stade Linite. Coach Jeanne who was reappointed to manage The Pirates last March has expressed disappointment at local clubs’ response to national camp invitation to players.

He explained that some clubs were reluctant to release their players for training, stating the fear of injuries as their main reason, while some players are faking injuries just to skip training.

“The feeling I get is that some clubs think we are competing against them,” noted Coach Jeanne.

Carl Hopprich of Hertha Zehlendorf in Germany is one of the two overseas players expected in Seychelles’ camp. 

With genuine injury problems, Coach Jeanne will be without Karl Hall, Warren Mellie, Rashim Padayachy and possibly Colin Bibi.

To fill in the gaps Australia-based Alexander Hoareau and Carl Hopprich who plays in Germany have been called in.

Coach Jeanne also noted that other than clubs, some selected players have no interests whatsoever in playing for the country.


Those expected in camp this Sunday are:

Goalkeepers – Dave Mussard (La Passe), Alvin Michel (St Michel), Jerome Dingwall (Red Star Defence Forces), Romero Barra (LightStars).

Defenders –  Bertrand Esther, Juninho Mathiot, Jude Nancy (St Louis), Benoit Marie, Oliver Bonté, Jones Joubert (Côte d’Or), Laurel Ladouce, Adrian Constance (La Passe), Andrew Onezia, Colyn Francourt (Red Star Defence Forces).

Midfielders – Alexandre Hoareau (Australia), Colin Bibi (St Louis), Kiren Sinon, Basil Bertin (Northern Dynamo), Nelson Laurence, Trevor Vidot (St Michel), Carl Hopprich (Hertha Zehlendorf, Germany).

Forwards – Colin Esther (Côte d’Or), Jean-Claude Berlouis (PTL Bazar Brothers), Gervais Waye-Hive, Elijah Tamboo (St Louis), Randolph Lablache (Rovers), Perry Monnaie (La Passe), Darrel Damoo (Victoria City).

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