Messi’s Wife Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out

Messi’s Wife Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out

Lionel Messi and his just married wife, Antonella Roccuzzo – now Mrs. Messi, were often believed to be long term lovers since both met at age five while growing up in the Argentine city of Rosario.

But an online football publication, 90 min, has disprove the claims, saying that for the record, Messi and Roccuzzo only officially started dating in 2007.

Before then, Antonella is reported to have been dating another person.  It reported that it’s never nice to see an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend with someone else; affairs of the heart are a sensitive subject and even though years might have passed, one will always feel a pang of regret when seeing a former partner photographed with their current one.

But that is not the case with Antonella’s former boy friend. The unnamed former boyfriend merely shrugged it off saying: ‘At Least She Left Me for Messi!’ The ex-boyfriend of the Barca star’s wife showed there are no hard feelings.

References are made to a Spanish publication which Sports Village Square later applied Google translator to get the English version

It was a friend of Antonella who revealed the past, even as it was admitted that the couple had know each other when Messi was 10 and the lady was nine.

The translated version has it that “Messi and Antonella met many years ago when they were introduced by her cousin, Luca Scaglia.

“His environment tells that the ten of the Argentine team asked: “Who is?” And Scaglia, almost without paying attention, answered: ‘Anto, my cousin.’

“Leo (Messi) was nine years old and she was eight by then and it was when she wrote him a letter in which she said: “Someday we will be engaged.” Since then they have seen many times in the fifth of the Roccuzzo and spent much time together

Then Messi reportedly travelled to Spain but still remained Antonella’s friend.

“After a while Messi went to Spain to play for FC Barcelona and remained as friends. At that moment, according to the words of her friend, Antonella started dating for years with another boy whose name is unknown but of which there are photographs.

According to Antonella’s friend who told the story, it was on July 20, 2007 that she got to know that Messi was dating Antonella.

Hear her:”La Negra”, as they called Antonella Roccuzzo in Rosario, met on July 20 with his friends to celebrate Friend’s Day in the town of Roldán and it was when they learned that he was dating Leo.

“We are there, as we always are, and she took out the Blackberry (fashionable cell phone back then) that Leo had given her. He did not say much more, but we all understood that they had started to leave, “said the young woman.






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  1. Frank Igwebueze

    This historical excursion is belated and uncalled for. I personally think someone is jealous and wants to play spoil sports. Hopes Messi ignores the busy body


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