Despite FIFA Warning, Mexico Fans Won’t Stop Chanting Gay Slur

Despite FIFA Warning, Mexico Fans Won’t Stop Chanting Gay Slur

Ahead of Thursday’s Confederations Cup semi-final match of Germany and Mexico, the world football governing body has warned the Mexican delegation about the conduct of its fans at the competition.

Mexican fans have been accused of homophobic abuse in their match with Portugal despite prior warnings that there would be strict monitoring of offensive conducts at the stadiums.

Mexican fans have been accused of chanting “puto” at opposing players during matches. The word, according to Sports Village Square’s investigation means “male prostitute”. It is further gathered that it is a long time slang used in Mexico as a slur against gay men.

FIFA said disciplinary committee chairman Anin Yeboah “decided to impose a warning on the Mexican Football Federation for the misconduct of a small group of Mexican fans in relation to insulting and discriminatory chants.”

According to the report, Mexico has been sanctioned eight times over the same gay slurs by fans in the current World Cup qualifying campaign by international soccer’s governing body.

“I understand why the crowd chants and I don’t think the interpretation made internationally is right,” Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio said.

“I hope the Mexican federation will tell FIFA again that this doesn’t mean what people think it means.



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