Confederations Cup: FIFA Admits Video Assistant Referee Concerns

Confederations Cup: FIFA Admits Video Assistant Referee Concerns

The innovative use of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) may have yielded more controversial decisions than offering solutions as the FIFA Confederations Cup hit the semi-finals stage.

Sports Village Square recalls that some controversial rulings emerged in the group stage especially in two of three matches involving African representatives, Cameroon.

In a televised press conference, FIFA’s head of refereeing Massimo Busacca has admitted that the video reviews have not always looked good in tests at the tournament and admitted “many aspects should be improved” including faster, clearer communication after slow reviews have confused players, coaches and fans.

“We are certain that this can reduce refereeing errors,” Busacca told a news conference. The possible interpretation is that the VAR may not be a perfect means of eradicating refereeing errors when the World Cup holds next year.

“We are convinced if used correctly, it can reduce many mistakes. But not eliminate. We are here only to reduce,” he remarked.

Match officials have complained of video assistants shouting loudly and at the same time into the referee’s ear piece leading to a verbal assault that does not help clear decision making.

This is an area that could be reviewed ahead of 2018 World Cup, remarked Busacca who is a former international referee.

But he pointed out that technology had helped referees at the Confederations Cup especially in the six game-changing situations that occurred in the group stage.

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