Supporters’ Club Boss, Ladipo, Still Dazed

Supporters’ Club Boss, Ladipo, Still Dazed



Cheer leader, Rafiu Ladipo is still in shock over the South African defeat of the Super Eagles on Saturday.

The Nigeria Football Supporters’ Club President General was a general without troop when he arrived the match venue as the lingering tussle for control of the cheer leaders prevented his band from Uyo.

He told Sports Village Square that the trip to match venue was his worst outing as he still found it difficult to believe what had happened.

“Saturday’s outing happens to be the worst for me and my crew. I almost developed high blood pressure. I mean I can’t still understand how a team like Nigeria will find it difficult to score a single goal on their own soil. I am short of words.

“I believe upset do occur in football but I think it shouldn’t be against a team like South Africa whose wildest imagination was to avoid a wide margin defeat.

“The last AFCON ticket we lost came as a result of poor performance at home to Egypt. I just hope we get out of this culture of losing our AFCON tickets at home.

“As matter of fact, I also remember we lost to 2015 AFCON ticket at home here against Congo. But at the same time, I still believe we can still pull surprise with the ability of our technical crew.

“If we are unable to beat a team like South Africa here on our home soil, then who says our World cup qualifier rivals like Cameroon can’t do the same.”

“Super Eagles remains my team come rain come shine. I am confident we will dust the shame away and move on in winning our remaining matches”, he said.

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