FC Barcelona of United States in the Offing!

FC Barcelona of United States in the Offing!

La Liga giants, FC Barcelona, are planning a satellite team in the United States. Information from Yahoo sports has it that the club plans to start a women’s soccer team in America.

It announced that its board has approved a “development plan” to have a women’s team in the US’ National Women’s Soccer League and may field the team in next year’s season.

The National Women’s Soccer League is currently composed of 10 teams. Barcelona says it will be the first European club to join the league. It wasn’t clear whether Barcelona would seek to acquire an existing team or seek an expansion team.

“We were pleased to learn that earlier today the FC Barcelona Board of Directors approved a development plan for women’s soccer in the United States and we look forward to continuing discussions with the club regarding expansion into the NWSL,” the league said in a statement. Barcelona has a women’s team in Spain.

It is currently fighting for the league title with the season about to end.


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