Arsenal’s Wenger Dismisses Airplane Protest

Arsenal’s Wenger Dismisses Airplane Protest

Despite an unprecedented form of protest involving a plane flying overhead with a massive banner: “No New Contract, Wenger Out”  midway in Arsenal emphatic 4-1 defeat of Stoke City on Saturday, Arsene Wenger dismissed it as rich fans’ protest which would not influence him.

An AFP report gleaned from Yahoo quoted the embattled manager as saying: “”When you say fans, who do you mean? The rich ones?”

According to him, he still had the backing of majority of Arsenal fans.

“Look, I am paid to do my job for the club I love and I will do that as long as I’m here with full commitment. I’m not influenced by that at all, all I do is give my best.

“We have 69 points today so let’s make 72 on Tuesday and after that I will give my best for as long as I’m here for the values of this club and for the club.

“I want to focus on football and the rest is less important. I’m not in politics. I’m in sport, I love sport and give my 24 hours a day for what I love. I am in a public job, some agree with me, some not.”

Saturday’s win has boosted the chances of a top four finish in the English Premiership and a 21st consecutive season in the European Champions League.

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