NOC Rejects Sports Ministry’s Election Guidelines

NOC Rejects Sports Ministry’s Election Guidelines

The dust is yet to settle on the new electoral guidelines released by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Sports for the purpose of conducting elections into its various associations.

The Nigeria Olympic Committee, NOC, has kicked against the guidelines after its executive committee met on Wednesday.

The NOC called for harmonisation of the guidelines in line with international best practices.

The body argued that the essence of this harmonious guideline is to ensure that it conforms with the Charter of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the constitutions of the various international sports federations.

According to the Secretary General of NOC, Tunde Popoola, who briefed the media after the meeting, “the issue of ‘eligibility’ as contained in the Ministry’s guideline does not in any way conform to the provision of the IOC Charter and constitutions of the international federations.

“That provisions in the guidelines which forbid Nigerians who are members of Executive Committees of their respective international federation from holding offices in their respective national federations locally will inhibit opportunities of getting more Nigerians into positions in the long run,” he argued.

The NOC scribe also picked some holes in the composition of the Appeals Committee, which he said was a crowd of appointees of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports, with only one NOC member.

According to him, it is not in accord with the principle of fair hearing. We (NOC) recommend that a team of independent persons be appointed as members of the committee for fair hearing,” he explained.

Popoola also narrated how the Olympic body has tried to maintain good relationship with the sports ministry, noting that the Godwin Kienka’s Reforms Committee made use of the NOC boardroom for most of its meetings with inputs from NOC but some individuals in the sports ministry for selfish interest threw everything over board.

“We are the direct descendant of IOC in Nigeria operating within this territorial water and established to coordinate the affairs of the federations just as the each sporting federation relates with the international bodies.

“It is time to correct most of the anomalies that are associated with the composition of boards of the federations. We are ready to thread path of dialogue and will appreciate if the sports ministry can allow everybody to operate within norms as approved by IOC and not manipulation of the compositions of the respective boards of the sports federations,” he remarked.

Last week, the Sports Ministry released the guidelines with too many contentious issues in the area of eligibility.

The guideline disqualified candidates that have spent more than two terms and as well as banning presidents that are currently serving in the executive committees of their respective continental/international federations.

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  1. Muhammad Awal Bako

    I think the Minister has a right to what ever decision he would take to protect sports from the present decay and move it forward in Nigeria.when you look round the sports federations,you will see that it’s only two that are keeping sports with activities while majority were busy politicking or castigating one person or the other over nothing and make the sports to go to sleep over the years. Because the presidents have been there for years they turn the federation to be there personal properties.The NOC should be fair to their judgment is that what the international body are doing??? At the international body there are lots of programs contrary to what we are experiencing in Nigeria.I have never had NOC assist one federation to attend a competition apart from the major games and now you don’t want the minister to bring those that have fresh idea and are willing to move their sports forward.I think its high time we remove our individual selfishness and help our sports grow. Thank you my candid observation.

  2. Abubakar Jibril Ibrahim Ramalan

    You have said it all Mohammed Awal Bako, except if we want to continue with the mess in sports if not, change is inevitable and must be done now or we all regret it later for our actions or inactions.

    • fayomi ayodeji

      Howmuch is the minister providing for this fedration, they hv been spending thieir parsonnal money without return for years, the minister shud follow the international guide line, is not the president that kills sports in Nigeria but the sports ministry, they hv to provide funds for this fedration to function well, instead the minister is busy traveling around, since that minister came in no sports festival, no body is talking about that what has he done for sports in Nigeria,

  3. Francis

    Some people have turned the Federations into personal empires and estates. How can one man hold on to the Presidency of a Federation for 12 year or more and still want to sit tight there. Okay the ministry is not funding the federations like they should then leave let other people come with new ideas. Please, this Isa Hayatou syndrome should stop in our country. A lot of the sports are dying and some dead. I believe the guidelines can be improved upon but we must start from somewhere. My own concern about the guidelines is that the federations will be hijacked by money bags. They will be for the highest bidders. The delegates that will come for the elections will be sponsored by who? The ministry will not bring the money and we all know that quiete a number of them will not be able to come to Abuja on their own. The highest bidder will get the delegates by transporting 36 or more people Abuja and providing accommodation for them with some additional money. Is it an investment that he will have to recoup his money. I think expanding the delegates membership has just created room for some people to come and make money out of the process and competence and merit will be relegated to the background. We all know this and shouldn’t deceive ourselves. The six chairmen that voted the zonal rep will likely vote the way the zonal rep will vote. The two terms tenure is perfect and should be the overriding factor. My thinking is that where you have someone occupying a position in the continental or world body but has done only one term, such person should be allowed to do a second term if voted but not more than that.

  4. Kenneth Azuine

    In all fairness the minister is human and his fallible nature equally can’t be questioned never the less the guildlines is in the best interest of sports in NIgeria, and not to conform with international best practices that does not in anyway positively inpact sports in Nigeria ,change is inevitable and the only way forward is forward. An indebt look into sports lately in the country dipicts a crystal clear picture of the dewinding state of sports ,the decay dense in sports cost us precious medals in the just conluded Olympics such that in quote coach Samson siasia relieved the country of an international embarrassment that would have gone into history. Many has seen sports in Nigeria as their personal businesses where they call the shorts and have no one to account to, well the long and short story of it is that we need to sub due the Isah hayaoutu syndrome and ensure proper representation so as to ensure people that mean well for various sports in Nigeria are given opportunities to serve in various capacity .The minister himself strongly believes and knows posterity won’t forgive him if he fails to reposition sports and get it back on track so that we can redeem our image both locally and internationally as this would pave way for Nigeria to regain our glory days in this era of change


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