Hayatou, Infantino Arrive Election Venue In Same Car

Hayatou, Infantino Arrive Election Venue In Same Car

Delegates to the 39th CAF General Assembly were already arriving the AU Hall for the election into the 2017 -2021 cycle of the executive committee. The CAF president, Issa Hayatou, and the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino rode in the same car as they left the magnificent Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa.

The CAF president was very relaxed even the night before at the gala held for the delegates.

“The CAF president I saw and greeted at the Gala was looking relaxed and fully packaged for the full house at the magnificent Sheraton hall did not reveal a candidate embattled”, remarked Mitchell Obi, the president of AIPS Africa.

“I think this must be his fiercest contest and he seems to relish this last challenge. As they say a tiger does not need to show his tigritude. But you must give it to the Ahmad group.

“They have shown a rare heart to challenge the Lion from Cameroun and all those who care for the health of the beautiful game in Africa must relish the fresh breadth of air in terms of competitive politics devoid of bitterness.

“From my findings this battle may be too close to call. I don’t see a landslide. There are cracks in all the regional fronts” Mitchell Obi concluded.


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