CAF Rises To 55, Zanzibar, latest Member

CAF Rises To 55, Zanzibar, latest Member

The number of countries in the Confederation of African Football, CAF, has increased by one. This is sequel to the admission of Zanzibar as a full member. This brings CAF affiliates to 55.

Zanzibar is a chain of islands (archipelago) in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. Mitchell Obi in the AU Hall reports that the Tanzania FA chairman, Jamal Malinz, made spirited efforts to convince delegates to admit Zanzibar as full member of both CAF and FIFA.

It had been an associate member in the past. The proposal got full acclamation of the delegates.  The Zanzibar FA president, Ravia Idarus Fana, thanked the delegates for the acceptance into the CAF family.

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