Birthday Boy, Infantino Opens CAF Assembly

Birthday Boy, Infantino Opens CAF Assembly



The 39th CAF General Assembly is on after the Ethiopian FA president; Juneidi Tilmo rendered his opening remarks. He is immediately followed Gianni Infantino, the multi lingual president of FIFA who, speaking of the cuff shifts from English to French and gesticulating in the real French manner.

He is a Swiss Italian. He told the gathering that his very first visit to Ethiopia is coinciding with his birthday and therefore cherished his being at the CAF general assembly.

He also spoke about the FIFA reforms and that he has the habit of matching his words with action.

The FIFA president promised to open the doors of FIFA management and many did not believe. He remarked that he brought in a Secretary General from Africa and some were not happy. “But you have to do the right thing at that right time.

“That’s what I done. I also moved on to the FIFA council.”

In the last meeting of the council, Africa had seven representatives who worked with him He spoke about taking measures to increase finances and investments. In Africa as he has jacked up finances from $37million to over $90 million.

Talking about competition and inclusion, he said he proposed increase of teams to the World Cup. Africa may have from five to nine or ten in the 2026.

”We believe in Africa. The passion of football that exists in Africa is unique. If we harness the varied colours it will be phenomenal. The future is Africa.

“Today is an important date. It is election and I know what it is. Let you delegates vote with your conscience with your hearts because I know football is close to your hearts ”.


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